Jeffrey Lei
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Norton Custom Library

Client: W.W. Norton & Company Inc.

Contacted to design Norton’s Custom Library collection, I was tasked with designing 6 different covers that were to be utilized by professors across the country for their own workbooks compiling chapters and sections from Norton’s library.

This requires that all designs across the board have text that can be easily edited to fit each individual professors’ need.

NCL_Teacup Mocksup2.jpg
NCL_Teacup Mocksups3.jpg
NCL_NatureScene Mocksup2.jpg
NCL_NatureScene Mocksup3.jpg
NCL_WorldHist Mockups1.jpg
NCL_WorldHist Mockups3.jpg
NCL_Globe Mockups1.jpg
NCL_Globe Mockups2.jpg
NCL_Seagull Mockups 1.jpg
NCL_Seagull Mockups 2.jpg
NCL_RiverRock Mockups 2.jpg
NCL_RiverRock Mockups 3.jpg
NCL_Poppies Mock ups 1.jpg
NCL_Poppies Mock ups2.jpg